Real or Fake? Emeralds in Colombia

Real or fake, that is the question. In Bogotá, Colombia’s capital city, phony green gems are as plentiful as coffee beans. Though Colombia produces some 65 per cent of the world’s emeralds, not all of them are legit. […]

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Train Ride from Hell in India

Our story unfolds with a loitering young man, an invalid ticket and an overbooked train. My friend Jenny and I were sitting comfortably in our supposed seats, preparing for the overnight, 27-hour journey from West Bengal to India’s capital city. We were approached and told we were in the wrong berth. I argued belligerently. The conductor was summoned and, surprise surprise, he informed us that our second class A/C tickets are for the right day but the wrong month. Duh. Lesson #1: When buying a train ticket, confirm all details and check the date before making a fool of yourself.

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How To Use Twitter to Find Travel Deals

Newsflash. The 140 character social networking phenomenon can be used for more than just telling the world what you had for breakfast this morning. Twitter is a great way to scope out online travel deals and stay in the loop about last minute specials. Here are a few tips to tweeting your way to cheaper travel:

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