Burning Man – A Virgin’s Tale

Burning Man. How does one describe this week long arts/hardcore party event held every year in Nevada’s Black Rock City desert? Truly, it cannot be contained or explained by words and pictures alone. It’s truly something you have to experience to understand…or believe. For one week, some 50,000 costume-clad visitors travel from all over the [...]

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Maoris and Mud Pools in New Zealand

Rotorua, the adventure capital of New Zealand’s North Island, is an adrenaline junkie’s dream. Here, adventurous backpackers can do it all: Bungee jumping, skydiving, luging, abseiling, mountain biking, jet boating and Shweebing along a human-powered mono-rail racetrack. If that isn’t enough for your body or your wallet, you can also try caving with glow worms, [...]

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Sydney by Drag Queen

After meeting our tour guide 'Kara Van Park,' a hairy-chested, 40-year-old ‘dude’ decked out in a red sequin gown, a pink frilly boa and a Tina Turner wig, I realized that Sydney by Diva is not your typical tourist attraction. Hosted by some of the city’s top female impersonators, this three-hour bus tour dishes out unconventional Sydney facts with a comedic, drag queen twist. It's part city tour, part diva crash-course.

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Car Blessings in Bolivia

With jam-packed traffic, winding roads, sheer drops and shoddy mechanics, it’s no wonder Bolivian drivers need the help of a priest. For good luck and safe passage, local commuters visit the shores of Lake Titicaca, in the small town of Copacabana for one main reason – a car blessing.  The Bolivian car blessing ceremonies happen [...]

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Contemporary Art in Communist China

Factory 798 isn’t necessarily what you’d expect to find in a communist country. This arts district is peppered with industrial spaces turned art galleries, showcasing contemporary art, photography and abstract sculpture. Located in the Dashanzi area, this former state-owned factory can be tough to find but, those who venture beyond central Beijing will be rewarded with trendy cafes and awesome art designed by Chinese and Taiwanese artists.

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Are You A Spielberg Wannabe? Learn to Make Movies and Travel

Ever since I was little, it’s been a dream of mine… I always wanted to become a famous filmmaker. Calling the shots, directing the crew and strolling down the red carpet at Cannes with the likes of James Cameron and Quentin Tarantino. Instead of signing up for four years of filmmaking school, I hunted on-line for an intensive film course that would teach me the craft, quickly. New York Film Academy offers a four-week workshop that teaches Spielberg wannabes how to write, shoot, direct and edit. Their programs are all over the world, from Paris to Milan, London to Seoul, Tokyo, Florence and Shanghai. www.nyfa.com

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Chaotic Khao San: Bangkok’s Infamous Backpacker Road

Khao San Road is an affront to the senses. For the fresh-off-the-plane traveler, a visit to this part of Bangkok, Thailand’s capital city, may have you wondering what the hell you got yourself into. It’s a frenetic scene of neon signs, drunk backpackers and scantily-clad promo girls (who may or may not be transvestites), but Khao San is also the crux of the budget traveler scene, where hostels, tour operators and sarong shops converge. It’s the ultimate backpacker hub for the budget South East Asian traveler. This strip is where you can book overland trips to Laos, find cheap flights to Vietnam or get your visa for Cambodia. Chances are good that, if you’re going through Bangkok, you’ll end up on Khao San Road.

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