Solo Female Travel in Bolivia

In the spirit of International Woman’s Day, a global celebration for the achievements of women, I bring you a quirky story I stumbled upon while traveling through Bolivia…. With their long flowing skirts, braided pigtails and bowler hats, ‘Cholitas’ are easy to identify in the streets of La Paz, Bolivia’s capital city. It’s an antiquated look -- compared to the skinny jeans and low cut tops seen across the new generation – but the Cholitas have become a symbol of indigenous tradition and culture. That’s why I was so surprised to hear about the event that happens every Sunday in the mulifunctionary arena in El Alto, just twenty minutes outside of polluted La Paz. Here, in this humble arena, you can spot the Cholitas...wrestling!!

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Travel to Eternal Youth: Where To Go to Look Healthier and Feel Fabulous

The desire to stay young – be it through sulphuric bubble baths, broccoli juice elixirs or good ol’ fashion botox – has been a cultural obsession and egotistical hobby throughout history. In 1513, Spanish conquistador Juan Ponce de León set sail to find a mythical land said to have a fountain of youth. Flash forward [...]

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Get Your Wino On in Chile

(photo credit: Carlos Varela) This narrow coastal strip wedged between the Andes Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, is awesomely diverse and best of all - it's very affordable. In one day, you can go from skiing in the mountains, to sweating it out in the world’s driest desert, touring graffiti murals in quaint cultural towns [...]

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Love Potions and Romance Rituals in Mexico City

Love is in the air...but, if you have a problem in the love and sexy time department, perhaps a visit to the Mercado de Sonora is in order. A sprawling outdoor shopping area in the heart of Mexico city (located on Avenida Fray Servando Teresa in the Venustiano Carranza borough), it’s a maze of alleyways [...]

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Real or Fake? Emeralds in Colombia

Real or fake, that is the question. In Bogotá, Colombia’s capital city, phony green gems are as plentiful as coffee beans. Though Colombia produces some 65 per cent of the world’s emeralds, not all of them are legit. […]

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Car Blessings in Bolivia

With jam-packed traffic, winding roads, sheer drops and shoddy mechanics, it’s no wonder Bolivian drivers need the help of a priest. For good luck and safe passage, local commuters visit the shores of Lake Titicaca, in the small town of Copacabana for one main reason – a car blessing.  The Bolivian car blessing ceremonies happen [...]

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Eating guinea pig in Ecuador

With their big innocent eyes, cat-like whiskers and soft fluffy fur, guinea pigs make for great family pets.  But here, in the Andean mountains of Ecuador, guinea pigs aren’t treated as cuddly companions; they’re bred, boiled and deep-fried for dinner. Guinea pig or Cuy as it is called in South America is a local delicacy [...]

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