World’s Bests and Worsts

(Cartagena, Colombia photo credit: szeke) Since I’m a travel writer and my job is to travel, I often get askedwhat my favorite places are…what are the worsts and the bests. Well, like anything, travel is highly subjective. What may be a life-changing experience for one tourist can be a complete bore for another. Nonetheless, after [...]

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Travel to Eternal Youth: Where To Go to Look Healthier and Feel Fabulous

The desire to stay young – be it through sulphuric bubble baths, broccoli juice elixirs or good ol’ fashion botox – has been a cultural obsession and egotistical hobby throughout history. In 1513, Spanish conquistador Juan Ponce de León set sail to find a mythical land said to have a fountain of youth. Flash forward [...]

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Best Places to Go For A Girls Getaway

In the early 1980s, Cindy Lauper sang the undeniable truth. “When the working day is done, oh girls, they wanna have fu-un. Oh girls, Just wanna have fun…” When planning a vacation with your favorite girlfriends, mothers and sisters, deciding on a destination that fits everyone’s interests can be a bit of a challenge. But [...]

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Chess Boxing: Brain meets Brawn

“Brain meets brawn.” That’s how many are describing the hybrid spot of chess boxing. Yes, chess boxing! As the name suggests, chess boxing combines the cerebral discipline of chess and the physical force of boxing. Athletes are pitted against each other in rotational 3-minute rounds of chess, followed a 3-minute round of boxing. The first [...]

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Airstream Hotel in Santa Barbara

Looking for an usual place to sleep when traveling with the family? Why not an airstream? For your next trip along California’s legendary Central Coast, embrace kitsch car culture and crash at the recently opened Airstream hotel. A short bike ride from downtown Santa Barbara, just a 15-minute walk from the Mission, the Santa Barbara Auto [...]

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Destination of the Day: Alaska

Looking to break the routine and indulge in some extreme adventures for 2014? I recently presented at the New York Times Travel Show and shared 10 top destinations for 2014. Every few days, I’ll highlight one of the destinations I covered in my presentation. Some of these destinations highlight culture, others nature and adrenaline activities, [...]

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Cruising the road to Hana: Epic road tripping in Maui

It’s been called one of the world’s most scenic drives. The Hana Highway along Maui’s eastern coast is 52 miles of narrow roads that carve through lush rain forests along rocky coastlines. Stretching from Kahului to the sleepy coastal town of Hana, this curvaceous highway coils around the island, across hundreds of curves and one-lane bridges. [...]

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