Looking to break the routine and indulge in some extreme adventures for 2014? I recently presented at the New York Times Travel Show and shared 10 top destinations for 2014. Every few days, I’ll highlight one of the destinations I covered in my presentation. Some of these destinations highlight culture, others nature and adrenaline activities, but each one offers something unique for the adventurous and spirited traveler. Let’s begin with one of my all time fave locations that appeals to anyone who loves the great outdoors. Alaska!!!

Destination of the Day For the Nature Lover:  Alaska

Brooks Lodge in Katmai National Park is a remote and rustic resort that offers world-class freshwater fly-fishing. Located on the Alaska Peninsula, some 290 miles southwest of Anchorage, (need to take a float plane to get there) Katmai also promises epic landscapes, active volcanoes, glacier-clad mountains and up close encounters with grizzly bears – the continent’s largest land predator. This is a chance to live that classic National Geographic moment and watch a salmon jump straight into a grizzly’s mouth. The best time to go is during the salmon runs from July to the beginning of August, and then again in September. Depending on the season, Katmai offers anglers a chance to catch rainbow trout, grayling, lake trout char, Sockeye salmon and silver salmon. Epic awesome.  http://www.katmailand.com/bear-viewing/index.html