Best Places to Go in Copenhagen with a Baby

Copenhagen is a vibrant city of bike and beer culture, with sprawling boulevards, historic monuments, 100 year-old sculptures of the Little Mermaid and Michelin-starred restaurants serving up innovative New Nordic cuisine. But is it a good place to bring a baby? This under-the-radar European destination has a lot to offer the family traveler. […]

Travel Tips For Flying with a Baby or Toddler

These days, air travel is stressful enough…harder still when you add a fussy, demanding, sleep-deprived toddler into the mix.My husband and I traveled extensively (through Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, France, Italy and Canada) with our first baby and are now planning some fun trips now that Baby #2 has arrived. While I’ll admit travel is [...]

Road Trip through Provence France with Baby

A scenic region in the southeast, the classic French countryside of Provence boasts sleepy villages, Roman ruins, unparalleled wine tasting, spectacular dining and a rich history of inspiring artists like Cézanne, Picasso and Gauguin. From Cannes, the Mediterranean mecca for moviemakers, to the markets of Marseille, to Saint Rémy de Provence (where Van Gogh painted [...]

Gorgeous Off-the-Beaten Path Islands for Adventurous Families

Eager to escape the 9-5 grind and find refuge among turquoise blue waters and sugar sand beaches? Sure there are the typical islands you could escape to, OR, you could explore some of the world’s most remote, undiscovered locations that promise a little slice of paradise. From the Philippines, to Yemen, Indonesia to Tanzania, here [...]