How to Turn a Staycation Into An Adventure

When you think about the term ‘adventure’ some extreme images may come to mind: Daredevils base jumping from jagged cliff faces, hurling themselves into the air. Thrill seekers rafting down torrential foaming rivers, darting danger at every bend. Risk takers, with a need for speed, sand boarding down dunes on a quest for their next [...]

Travel Hacking. How to Earn More Miles…Fast.

How do you achieve elite status with priority boarding, free checked baggage, lounge access, first-class seating, free international flights and hardcore bragging rights? One way is to master the art of Travel Hacking. This is a clever way of beating the system to accumulate miles and rewards to get free flights or hotels. Many people [...]

10 Tips on Managing Your Money While Abroad

How much do I need? Do I have enough? Can I afford it? Many of our fears around travel are associated with money and lack thereof. Before you go, here are a 10 quickie tips to handling your money while abroad. […]

Before You Go: 5 Admin Things to Do Before You Travel Overseas

Before You Go: 5 Admin Things to Do Before You Travel Overseas So you’ve scoured the globe, talked to your peeps and finally decided on where to go for your first big trip. Next step is to plan this bad boy and get all those exciting admin details out of the way for a problem-free [...]

Money Saving Travel Websites and Apps

Want to save money when you book travel? Eager to go on vacation but think you can’t afford it? While travel can be expensive at times, here are some great travel websites and apps that save you money on flights and hotels; as well as ways to save money by tapping into the shared economy. Here’s [...]

Holiday Travel Survival Tips

It’s that time of year again. When the lineups are long, the TSA security check lines are rife with cranky passengers and the winter weather wreaks havoc on travel schedules everywhere…yes it’s holiday travel time! Yay! Fear not! Here a few handy travel tips and apps that can help alleviate your travel stress this holiday [...]

20 Ways to Save and Earn Money For Your Travels

Ah…money. This is the big reason why many people say they can’t travel – lack of money! The reality is that you don’t necssarily need a lot of money to travel if you select good value destinations and know how to work the system. Start saving for your travel goals by  taking a look at [...]