Road Trip through Provence France with Baby

A scenic region in the southeast, the classic French countryside of Provence boasts sleepy villages, Roman ruins, unparalleled wine tasting, spectacular dining and a rich history of inspiring artists like Cézanne, Picasso and Gauguin. From Cannes, the Mediterranean mecca for moviemakers, to the markets of Marseille, to Saint Rémy de Provence (where Van Gogh painted [...]

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Best Thing to Do in Greenland: Dog Sledding

As if to welcome our tour group, a thousand wolf-like canines, chained and fierce, howled hauntingly. Pairs of multi-colored eyes (one blue, one brown) calculated our every move. It was a Stephen King novel, Arctic style. There I was in Illusiat, an isolated coastal city in the Western part of Greenland, preparing for my first dog [...]

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Best Destinations for Bachelor or Bachelorette Parties

It’s a rite of passage, an excuse to get together with friends, a time for that one last wild blowout before you commit to life-long monogamy and “death do you part.” What are the best destinations for an international bachelor or bachelorette party? The bachelor/bachelorette party is traditionally a debaucherous event complete with pub crawls, [...]

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Hot Air Balloon Ride Over Tuscany

Soaring above the tree tops, overlooking the farmlands, vineyards and historic towns of Italy’s Tuscany region, I took a moment to pinch myself. Travel by hot air balloon is a special experience. In our fast-paced ADD era of modernity and speed, the slow hand-powered flight was a throwback to simpler (perhaps more soulful) times. There [...]

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Bike Tour in Malaga Spain

A Spanish port that boasts Roman ruins, Moorish fortresses and ancient Arabic citadels, Malaga is a quaint coastal city perfect for an afternoon of sightseeing. Yesterday, I explored the city’s narrow alleyways and cobblestone streets by bike. […]

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When in Rome… Fight Like a Gladiator

Smash. Our swords collide with a colossal metal clang. Lifting my shield above my head, I manage to avoid a lethal blow before narrowly dodging a trident aimed for my stomach.

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