Leave the boring behind at Convergence Station, a new mind-blowing, kid-friendly immersive art park in downtown Denver. Now open to the public, it will certainly become one of the top places for families to visit in Denver.

Tucked between highway I-25 and Colfax Ave, overlooking Empower Field at Mile High (home of the Bronco), Convergence Station is the latest permanent art installation brought to you by Meow Wolf, a Santa Fe based company that creates immersive, multimedia experiences.

A trip here is…trippy. This isn’t your typical stuffy art gallery, with roped off masterpieces from a forgotten era. Convergence Station is about engaging the senses. It’s a place where kids and their families can step inside the art, crawl through tunnel portals into a living Kaleidoscope.

Meow Wolf’s Gremlin Symphony, a space where kids can play robot instruments strung from the ceiling.

Kids will meet strange creatures in the multiverse, navigate a labyrinth of mirrors, conduct a Gremlin Symphony of refurbished instruments and battle 80’s arcade-style robotic punk rats. One of the most impressive areas is The Cathedral, a Magna-Tile-esque structure with a giant organ-like instrument kids can play. They can also ride in the cockpit of The Navigator, a spider-like robot, with blinking lights and AI-enabled technology.

Meow Wolf Denver: Convergence Station

Eco-conscious Meow Wolf artists use a mix of mediums, from repurposed trash, salvaged instruments, odd antiquities and obsolete technology.  A visit here is an overload for the senses; a place for people of all ages to get lost in the realm of imagination.

The installation spans across four floors, with some 90,000-square-feet of exhibition space. It’s a collaborative effort comprised of hundreds of artists (including over 110 who are based in Colorado) that took three years to complete. For the awestruck parent with kids in tow, it’s a lot of ground to cover. You can explore the space in a couple of hours, but if you want to dive deeper and interact with the complete storyline, you’ll likely need at least half a day or multiple visits.

Step into the fantastical of Meow Wolf in Denver.

As the story goes, there was a cosmic event 25 years ago that merged four worlds from different universes and their residents lost their memories. The Quantum Department of Transportation allows visitors to move among the worlds: an ice world, an alien cellular eco-system, a futuristic city and the catacombs of memories.

Confused yet? Fear not, Convergence Station can be enjoyed on many levels – physically and metaphysically.

When my kids and I visited, we simply strolled from room to room without much thought to the overarching narrative. The visuals are so engaging, I didn’t want to overload them with an additional storyline. But, for families with older kids and longer attention spans, they may enjoy getting a free QPASS, available at the front desk upon check in. With this RFID enabled pass, guests can tap on screens placed throughout the exhibition. With each tap clues are revealed and you and your family can work together to solve the mystery of the four missing women.

Meow Wolf Denver: Convergence Station

Art and its meaning is subjective but, if you dare to dive behind all the surreal visuals, Meow Wolf is an awakened social commentary on the human condition. There’s depth to the artists’ message, one that encourages us to think critically about the world around us. There are nods to various real world issues including: over consumption and trash culture, commercialization and corporate greed; our fractured collective memories, distancing us from nature, our ancestors and ourselves.  Meow Wolf aims to inspire creativity, and artists hope that creativity can transform the world. It’s certainly going to transform the art scene in Denver…making Convergence Station the newest, baddest and best thing to do in Denver with kids.

Tickets are $45 for general admission, $40 for children and seniors and $35 for Colorado residents. For more information, visit https://meowwolf.com