(Cartagena, Colombia photo credit: szeke)

Since I’m a travel writer and my job is to travel, I often get askedwhat my favorite places are…what are the worsts and the bests. Well, like anything, travel is highly subjective. What may be a life-changing experience for one tourist can be a complete bore for another. Nonetheless, after backpacking through some many countries and to many of the world’s most amazing places, I decided to take a shot and make a list of my global picks and pans.


Way to spend an afternoon — lazing on an inner tube downriver in Vang Vieng, Laos

Animal encounter — gorilla-trekking in Uganda

Breakfast — feta, olives, cucumber and bread in Turkey

City that never sleeps — Cairo

Country for safety — Japan

Skyline by night — Hong Kong

Snack — mufalletta in New Orleans

Natural wonder — Victoria Falls, Zambia

Old city — Cartagena, Colombia

Off-the-beaten-track spot in Eastern Europe — Croatia

Overall city — New York City

Place for cheap knockoffs — Beijing

Place to drink absinthe — Prague

Place to fall in love — Zanzibar, Tanzania

Place to feel spiritual — Rishikesh, India

Place to ride in an air balloon — Cappadocia, Turkey

Road trip — Australia’s east coast from Sydney to Brisbane.

Roman ruins — Jerash, Jordan

Safari — Serengeti, Tanzania

Surprisingly cool spot — Lithuania

Underwater viewing — swimming with whale sharks and manta rays off the coast of Mozambique

Jerash, Jordan. (photo credit: Jose Javier Martin Espartosa





Accommodations — the wooden slabs at a former prison turned “hotel” in Latvia

City for altitude sickness — La Paz, Bolivia

City for excess — Vegas (this could also fall under the ‘best’ category)

City for pedestrians — Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Cosmopolitan city for trying to get by in English — Beijing

Place for budget travel — Greenland (you have to fly everywhere to get around)

Snack — sparrow embryos, scorpions and silkworm kabobs in China

Smelly food — Durian fruit

Toilets — the outhouses along the Machu Picchu trail

Unsafe-feeling city — Johannesburg

Urban poverty — Delhi, India

What are your “bests” and “worsts?” Share your faves with your fellow travel junkies by posting in the comments section below.