10 Extreme Travel Adventures to Add to Your Bucket List:

In the spirit of the hugely popular book “1000 Places To See Before You Die,” I’d like to offer up a few more adrenaline-soaked activities to add to your travel to-do list.  These activities are all experiential, aspirational and, most importantly, extreme!

1)   Rev your engines and learn how to drive a real race car at Doug Floey’s Drag Racing school.

2)   Bike the World’s Most Dangerous Road in Bolivia.

3)   Brave the cage of death! Swim with giant saltwater crocs from the safety of a plastic cage! Crocosaurus in Darwin, Australia looks crazy! (credit for croc photo above:

4)   Run a marathon along the Great Wall of China.

5)   Learn how to ride a bull at Sankey Rodeo School.

6)   Touching the edge of space aboard the The MiG-31 Foxhound in Russia.

7)   Cage diving with Great White sharks off the coast of South Africa.

8)   Go Zorbing!

9)   Endure a 5000km journey across India’s gnarliest roads in a rickshaw!

10) Kayak Antarctic glaciers, spotting penguins and sea elephants in one of the world’s most remote places. I’ll be crossing this one off my bucket list in January and am totally pumped!