I was recently invited by the Australian Tourism Board to experience the best of Australia. One of my first stops was a visit to Gwingana Lifestyle Retreat – one of the best spas and wellness retreats in Australia –  for a few days of relaxation and rejuvenation. As a new mom, I was desperate for some self care, some independence and a chance to sleep uninterrupted. I said goodbye to my little one and trekked solo across oceans to explore Australia and spend a few days being pampered at the spa  (part work trip, part mini mama getaway). As an on-air travel expert who’s shot a ton of travel video, I figured I could best tell the story by shooting a little something about my experience….

This luxury spa/wellness center offers a chance to jump start a healthier lifestyle and a new You. It’s no doubt one of the best spas and wellness retreats I’ve been to. The food served here is mostly vegan or vegetarian, with a no caffeine, no booze, no sugar and a no cellphone policy! It was a much needed digital detox for the Instagram obsessed. Unplugging from the 24-7 demands of modern technology is a growing trend that many wellness retreats around the world are adopting. Coming to Gwingana gives its guests a chance to connect with nature, learn about mindfulness, embrace gratitude and get pampered at the spa.

The daily schedule included morning Tai Chi, tutorials on topics like gut health and healthy herbs. Afternoons are dedicated to Dreamtime, for guests to relax, nap or indulge in one of Gwingana’s signature spa treatments. I instantly could feel the stress melt away as the therapist rubbed my body with hot rocks and stuck acupuncture needles in my forehead, as part of their rockupuncture treatment. I absolutely loved it and really relished in the pampering and quality time with yourself. Caring staff, spectacular food (they even make sprouts taste delicious!), top of their field specialists and magical masseuses. It’s an amazing spot to unwind, reflect, to tap into your own power, learn about health and be a better person. I always read that self-care is such an important part of being a good, present mom. That said, when you have to do lists as tall as the stack of dirty dishes piling up, taking time out for yourself seems impossible. Sometimes the best thing to do is treat yourself to a mama getaway and come back feeling renewed and ready to take on the world!