Spring Break-ers Living it Up
Spring Break-ers Living it Up

If you’re a college student preparing for a wild and crazy Jersey Shore-style Spring break vacation, here are a few travel survival tips to keep in mind before you go:

1) Watch your drinking.  Booze is usually the root of all trouble, clouding your ability to make smart choices, so take it easy.  You can still have a great time without getting black-out drunk.  They key is to pace yourself, don’t forget to eat or stay hydrated.  Extreme heat and alcohol are a dangerous mix that can lead to heatstroke, so keep a bottle of water (or my personal favorite, fierce grape Gatorade) on hand to combat the effects of dehydration and hangover-itis.

2) Stay away from drugs, especially in foreign countries.  Familiarize yourself with the local laws of the country you’re visiting to avoid trouble.  The local laws always prevail, so if you’re caught with drugs, you’re in big trouble baby.  Don’t think the US Embassy is going to bail you out.  Watch the National Geographic TV series Locked Up Abroad to re-live the dramatic stories of travelers who broke the law and lived to regret it.

3) There’s safety in numbers, so don’t wander off by yourself.  Find a best bud or partner-in-crime who’s got your back.  You watch out for him, he watches out for you.

4) If you’re going to ‘get it on,’ but sure you’re packing prophylactics.  Girls, practice safe sex by carrying condoms in your purse, take charge and insist on using them!  An STD is not the kind of souvenir you want from your spring break experience.

5) Trust your instincts.  If the little voice inside of you feels like something “is a bad idea,” really listen to it.  Don’t be afraid to say no, or extricate yourself from an uncomfortable situation.  Trust your gut.

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